MindYourWeight – Your Key To A New Look At Yourself

MindYourWeight is a tool to help you gain some perspective on your weight management. Whether you'd like to lose weight, gain weight, or just maintain, you'll be able to use this site to accomplish your goals. Our aim is not only to help you track your weight, but also to help you see patterns in the long-term so you can deal with them.

Where to Start

You can get a sense of what this site does by visiting our Features page, or you can start by logging into a demo account, which comes complete with plenty of data for you to play around with. Using this account, you'll be able to see what kinds of tools you'll have at your disposal once you have put in some of your own information.

BodyTrace Integration

We now support automatic integration with Bodytrace internet scales. Use these scales to automatically submit your weight over the internet.

Metric now available

When creating an account, you can now choose between metric and US units. Existing users can change their preference under the 'Account' tab.